July 17, 2018

Private vs Public School in Mississauga and Beyond – Selecting An Education Path For Your Grade Schooler

Private School Education – Right for your Mississauga Child?

As a parent you want what is best for your child. You spend countless hours researching the best pre-school programs before your child is even born. Once they reach school-going age, determining your child’s educational path can be one of the most challenging decisions parents have to face. Do you opt to go with the Public School System or look at Private School education in Mississauga? In evaluating what will work best for your child, it is vital to consider several factors.

Most Public and Private schools have very similar goals for their students. Every school wants to meet the needs of their students and develop well rounded individuals who will become productive members of society. The goals may be similar, but the outcomes often differ greatly. In a report on Ontario Private Schools by the Fraser Institute, it was found that 94% of parents who choose Private School education for their children do so because they are disappointed with the Public School System.

Why Private School?

A Private School education, especially in the kindergarten through elementary school grades, can help nurture and develop essential skills, critical for lifelong success. Small class sizes, individualised programming, a nurturing environment and deliberate, regular communication between parents and teachers all impact greatly on the educational success of your child.

What Should I Look For?

If you are considering a Private School education, it’s important to know what to look out for:

  • Is there a caring and nurturing educational environment?
  • Do the students look happy, confident and engaged?
  • Is there a strong academic focus?
  • Is there individualised programming, regular testing and ongoing assessments?
  • Is there regular, monthly communication between parents and teachers?
  • Do they guarantee small class sizes?
  • Do they have qualified and speciality teachers?
  • Do they offer an expanded curriculum that is more rounded and extensive than the Public School curriculum?
  • At what age do they start children on a reading program?
  • Do they offer French and Science from pre-school level?
  • Do they offer a drama and music program?
  • What extra-curricular activities, clubs and sports are available?

“Learning is a lot of fun and we believe that children are excited to discover and explore the world around them. We are very intentional in creating a fun, safe, intellectually stimulating environment for our students. We start right away with French, Science and pre-reading in our pre-school classes. The children learn to love words and reading in a nurturing, non-pressured environment. By the time they are in senior kindergarten, they are all reading, and loving it!” Georganne MacKenzie, Founder and Director, Meadow Green Academy, Mississauga.

Individualized Program

Private schools are able to offer a more extensive curriculum and because of individualized programming, teachers can foster a child’s interest in a topic beyond the standard curriculum. This encourages a love of learning and ensures the child is fully engaged in the learning process and not frustrated or bored.

Small Class Sizes

Due to smaller class sizes, when a student needs the teacher’s attention, they receive it. Teachers are committed to developing critical thinking and problem solving skills in their students and individual needs and learning styles are prioritized. Students receive support in areas that need attention and find a greater measure of success because potential learning issues are quickly identified and appropriately dealt with, early on.

Well Rounded Education

Students have access to a greater variety of extra-curricular activities and clubs, aimed at developing the whole child and creating opportunities to grow in confidence and find success.
Our teachers have more time to support students academically and provide additional assistance as required. We emphasize the individual child and their learning style and make every effort to truly understand and know each student.  We offer a program that is challenging, stimulating and engaging.” Georganne MacKenzie, Director and Founder of Meadow Green Academy, Mississauga

Ensuring Success

Parents have a formidable task in determining what is best for their child, but a Private School education can go a long way to provide children with a life-long love of learning and a confident, positive outlook. In deciding which educational path to choose, you know your child best and you know which environment is most suitable and advantageous for your child. Whether you choose a Public or Private School education, staying in regular communication with your child’s teachers and remaining involved and informed about your child’s progress is essential in helping your child succeed.
“A Private School education focuses on the individual child and helps to enable and prepare them to be everything they can be. These students are tomorrow’s leaders and we owe them a duty to educate them properly and prepare them for the future, fully equipped and envisioned to make a positive impact on society” Georganne MacKenzie, Director, Meadow Green Academy, Mississauga

By: Leigh Colgan