July 17, 2018

Learning from our Grandparents at Star Academy

Grandparent Collage

Times they are a­changing and there is nothing more constant than change. But with that change comes the opportunity to reflect on our past and the experiences of others so that we are always moving in a forward direction – especially in Education.
And there is no better source of experience and wisdom than that of our Grandparents.
There are many different definitions of a family but no matter how many parents, siblings or ‘steps’; grandparents hold a special role. This is never more evident than at our annual Grandparent Breakfast at Star Academy. Grandparents come from far and wide (and even Skype from abroad) to spend some time with their grandchild at school.
Our guests are always greeted with coffee and tea and tasty bakery treats with the sun beaming through the skylight. Conversations quickly began to flow as grandparents proudly spoke of their grandchildren. Many grandparents took advantage of the opportunity for family photos, a lovely keepsake for each child! After a short presentation in the gym, grandparents joined their grandchild in their classrooms where creative activities enriched the morning!
Grandparent CollageSchools have changed since the grandparents were in the elementary grades and many are happy to see these changes, often commenting, “My grandchild loves to come to school at Star, and just look at all the joy in the classroom!” They are also happy to see the respect, work ethic and self esteem that were also developing in the classroom. What really impresses them is welcoming spirit of the students, their eagerness to communicate and share with others and their overall caring nature toward each other.
Grandparents truly know their grandchildren and value what is being instilled at Star Academy. It was apparent that the joy of learning never ends and nothing shines brighter than the pride of a grandparent.